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    Knee High Socks are hosiery also called as Knee Highs and Thigh High Socks that cover the feet and legs up to the knee with elastic top.

    Manufacture of Socks as Knee High Socks is a process that requires skill and experience. Since the sizes of legs and calves of each person are different from each other, elastic band, upper calf and leg measurements are an extremely important issue when producing Knee High socks.

    In particular, the elastic band should not slide down from the calf and should not squeeze the calf.

This hosiery has 3 types regards to its length;

1. Knee High               2. Over the Knee High       3. Tight High 


    Yarns used in the manufacture of Knee-High Socks vary as Bamboo, Modal, Mercerized, Cashmere, Wool, Combed Cotton, Carded Cotton, Polyamide. So we would love to produce from these yarn materials according to your request.

    There are different needle thicknesses and counts in Knee High Socks manufacture such as 156, 168, 200, 240 and 400 needles.

    Since this hosiery typically worn by women who pair knee highs with shorts, skirts, dresses, boots and heels, Knee High Socks are also preferred by men. So it is also our pleasure to supply you Knee High Socks for Men with our men-specific body measurement and different yarn types.

You may order your Knee High Socks designs/styles;

  • With the any number of needles you want (156, 168, 200, 240 and 400)

  • With the available colors chosen from color chart provided.

  • With MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is 600 pairs per style/size/color.

    MOQ is set by considering that you can find the best selling product in your online store in terms of sustainability although it is actually quite a low quantity for socks production.

Please do not hesitate to contact with us if you would like to have any type of Knee High Socks made in Turkey.

Our Production Capacity for this hosiery is 50.000 Pairs per Month.

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